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The key to fighting off HPV

In most cases your body can produce antibodies and clear the virus on its own. In other cases, HPV can cause cervical cancer. The key 🔑 to curing yourself of HPV is to increase your immune system response so that your body is healthy enough to fight the virus 🦠

Here are some powerful fighting steps you can take to boost you immunity.

1. Camu powder is a powerful antioxidant powder that comes from a shrub in the Amazon rainforest; what’s amazing about this powder is the high Vitamin C content it has! Vitamin C is a water soluble compound so any additional vitamin C that the body does not need will be excreted by the body!

2. Vitamin B complex help to prevent infections, increase energy and help to promote the health of a cell!

3. Herbs 🌿

There are many herbs that help to fight infections and increase immunity such as goldenseal, echinacea, rose hips, hibiscus, garlic, and more! You can add certain herbs to your steam as an added benefit! Custom yoni steams available on the website and as always happy steaming!

-with love, On Her Throne 💕

Custom herb blend to boost immunity available on the website!

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