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My kids caught Covid their first week of school!

This time last year was so stressful for me, I had just started working full time in my business, I was homeschooling my 5 year old daughter, then it was time to send my teens back to school. Things were going great, I felt like I was living the life I've always wanted then BAM! One of my twins tested positive for Covid after being in school for only a week! I was so scared and having to be on high alert for his twin brother as well.... two days later sure enough my other son tested positive for Covid also. Fear settled in because up until this point we had managed to avoid it thank God! Yes even with being a Nurse and an herbalist I was nervous and scared for my family. I had a moment.... Okay a couple moments.... But after that, I spoke to my mom and good friend Shyka who reminded me who I was and whose I was, I rolled up my sleeves and got in my herb cabinet.... I pulled out some echinacea.... rosehips.... coltsfoot..... Ginger.... a little elderberries and a few other plant allies and went to town! I took an entire case of bottled water and split it in half. I poured a little camu camu powder into all the bottles, and gave them to my boys to last them the duration of their sickness. I made them an herbal tea, twice a day, gave them both their own bottle of elderberry syrup and focused on home made soups that offered lots of onions, garlic, greens to stabilize their body and within 4 days I kid you not! They were symptom free! I was so relieved! God was so good! I was so thankful at that moment for the blessing that nature provides for us. The experience with my twins inspired me to come up with the immune support box! Because we've got to be ready! What can you do now? While in fear, while in uncertainty, what can you do to help your family or yourself? Everything in the box was motivated by the same protocol I took with my own family. So here we are.... another school year begins.... Time to keep yourself and your family protected. What can you do now?

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