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Bringing Power Back To Your Womb Space

Updated: Mar 11

The womb holds such sacred magical power. I'm a firm believer in this. I'm honored just to be a holder of this magic. My care and awareness for my womb from age 25 to now 35 looks completely different lol.... And I ask myself.... How did I go so long unaware of my own magic? The knowledge and use of sacred herbal medicine is the entry into an limitless level of healing. I drink my herbal teas.... Steam my yoni..... I feed my body living plants and fruits.... I no longer engage in relationships that don't serve my highest good..... I keep anger and resentment far away from my aura..... I speak with confidence and respect.... I surround my circle with love and light..... I welcome creativity to flow freely to my body..... I hold space for reflection and self vanity.

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