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Plants thrive under the right environment. So does your body.

If you're anything like me I love plants- Often times I'll buy whatever catches my eye and bring it home. Not knowing anything about the plant, just that it was eye catching or I feel drawn to it for some reason! Well, have you ever bought a plant, took it home, began to water it and it just starts leaning, turning yellow and showing all the signs that it's going down hill??? I'm sure you said to yourself "I've been watering it! I'm not sure what's wrong with this plant." So then you try to feed it, you give it some different soil.... you water it so more.... but now the plant is in an even worse condition it's dead! You scratch your head wondering "what am I doing wrong" So then after you give it some thought you decide to research that particular plant.... you find out the plant is in the wrong ENVIRONMENT for it to thrive. Maybe it needed 8-10 hours of direct sunlight. Or maybe this particular plant called for more humid conditions rather than cooler..... It was the ENVIRONMENT..... Same principle applies to our health. Where you heal is equally important to as the medicine you are taking to heal. They work in synergy. You can't expect to get rid of a thing under a stressful environment. You need to create the right atmosphere for healing to take place. People often overlook this principle in holistic health. Maybe someone is suffering with fibroids.... they're taking their tea..... they've cleaned up their diet, they even let go of meat.... but let's say they're in that toxic relationship that causes them grief, pain and agony..... How can we expect healing to take place in their body if they're experiencing constant tension or anxiety? Say someone is suffering from high blood pressure and they're job is the source of their stress..... you spend 8 hours a day in that stressful environment.! Thats 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month and 1,920 hours a year for your body to sit in a stressful environment! The point is, consider your environment. Ask yourself am I thriving to heal? Am I creating a safe and peaceful environment my body needs to accept healing?

Your body is a sophisticated mechanism, it will create a force filled of protection during times of stress, it has the capability to reject even those things meant to help us heal under times of duress. Consider your environment.

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