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Self love is the best love!

Hey Tribe, so I know I haven't put out a blog in a while (and I promise to get better at that) but today I was so motivated to write about what I discovered on this day. So this morning on IG I decided to post a video on " Ways to love on yourself" If you haven't checked that post out go to my IG @Onherthrone_holistic and view it but anyway, I understand that Valentine's Day is a day of love and a day that many look forward to but its also a day that many people dread...... It's a reminder of pain, loneliness or loss. Someone may be dealing with being by themselves for the first time in a long time, facing a transition period. Others may be dealing with self acceptance or the desire to be in a relationship. Some may be struggling with loving self, some may be in a situation where they're actually in a relationship but feel alone. So what really moved me about what I posted today was the fact that this post got nearly as many saves as it did likes! That tells me a few things: There is a lack of feeling loved out here. We need to love on ourselves more and we need to be intentional about the love we give to ourselves. I'm here to tell you, YOU MATTER! YOU DESERVE LOVE THAT IS EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER DREAMED OF. It is not far out of reach, but it all starts with you! My prayer for each and everyone that reads this is that you will turn inward to the depths of your soul and begin repairing any wounds that are not healed so that you can not only be ready to attract the right kind of love but also be able to accept it.

When I went on this holistic journey to become an herbalist, my desire was always to primarily become an expert with issues of the womb because as women we love with our womb! Our womb has the ability to discern, hold memory, create life, multiply, its pure magic! And I know what it feels like to experience pain so bad that it dimmed the magic of my womb and left me with scars so deep I thought I'd never recover from. But I'm here to tell you that I made it! And it all started by going within, searching the depths of my being and I got back in tune with loving me, I poured back into my womb starting with my health from the inside out. I got back in touch with my feminine power and I NEVER let go! And I know you can too!

Here are a few herbs that help heal the heart spiritually and move past grief .

- Mimosa translates to "Collective happiness bark" It's literally like heavens little emotional support! Helps us to handle stress with balance.

- Hawthorn in true fashion it is a heart tonic herb, but it helps to heal the symptoms caused by a heavy heart or heart ache.

- Roses, rightfully so roses help to lift the mood, bring harmony to the emotions, and helps to ease anxiety.

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