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Healing is scary.....

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Hey yoni lovers! So today Ive been laying low, long story short Im detoxing! All the junk that does not serve my body has to go! ( Yes healers are human too and need to detox) So as I'm sitting here sipping on my detox herbal tea, what I'm gaining on this journey is that as I go through my detoxing process the side effects aren't pretty and honestly, they can be down right scary and uncomfortable- the nausea, the anxiousness, feeling weak and tired. But what's at the end is something so life changing! So beautiful and pure..... Im so tired of seeing post that make healing look so pretty and calming because it's not! And that goes for physical and spiritual healing as well. Sometimes we dont even want to open up that little box of emotions to start unpacking all that we've been hanging onto. So we stay sick, because its easier, its familiar to us but, we know that once we start unpacking that bag and start to detox at the end its going to be life changing. Sometimes we've got to get out of our on way for us to be healed. Dont let the fear over power you. Allow yourself to feel but dont stay there. Its time to detox ladies. What are you needing to detox from?

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