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Are you connected to your feminine being?

Are you? What does that even look like for you? Sure, you’re a woman but do you feel connected to your most inner parts? How do you show honor to your body for it‘s ability to be sensual, intuitive and the very essence of beauty. Connecting to your femininity is how you unlock your souls cosmic power! You’re able to birth life into new ideas, discern situations, and appreciate all that comes with being a woman.

When I finished nursing school back in 2012 I was so excited to get my feet wet and begin working and not just any job, I wanted the critical care stuff you see in the TV shows with lots of drama! I soon started to lose myself in my job from all the physical and emotional stress from work. I didn’t even feel like a woman anymore I felt more like a machine. I started ignoring my needs. My periods were heavy I was cramping constantly - I became accustomed to ignoring my body’s cry for care. I buried my feminine call for attentiveness and appreciation. I stayed in scrubs or sweats most of my off days. Because I was so overly consumed with work/ family life, I ultimately lost the connection to my femininity, I lost the connection to myself. And this doesn’t just happen over night but once you look up it’s almost like the rug has been snatched from underneath your feet. You cant even recall when it happened. And you don’t just see this in your career choices but you see this in motherhood, relationships, whatever consumes you. But I’m here to tell you that you can regain your femininity, your power! The first step to connecting to your feminine being is to acknowledge that you are the creator of life. Take a second to sit in that wonderful power that no one has walked this earth without the help of a woman. That statement alone is powerful!!!!! Women are beautiful amazing creatures, we need to feel as beautiful inside as we are on the outside. Love on yourself DAILY! Light that bath tub up with candles around it, add in your favorite herbal oil, have a seat on your Yoni throne and enjoy a steam, meditate, enjoy a dance class- whatever makes you feel as sensual and sexy as you are! Get back to that version of you! Take a step back from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, reflect on how you’ve been taping into your feminine power, do you need to make some adjustments? Make them! You deserve it! It’s vital to you tapping into your power!

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