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Spiritual bath salts

Spiritual bath salts

A spiritual bath is a ritual that can help cleanse the soul, clear the mind and align the chakras.  Each of the bath blend has been made with intention to do just that. Numbers are a significant detail and have a powerful meaning in each blend.


Spiritual awakening- Setting intentions: 

This blend will focus on setting your intentions on how you want to feel at the core of your heart,  will open up your third eye, and strengthen your heart, solar plexus and root chakras. 



Time to purge- A powerful transformation:

Purge and release everything that no longer serves the mind and body as good. This blend will help to detoxify the body, purify the pores of the skin, and calm the mind of worry and stress. 


Relax and unwind-Complete wholeness:

This blend represents the five elements: Water, air, fire, earth and spirit. 

Supporting your mind, body and spirit that you are whole. Meditate and experience the shift into optimum wellness and stability and vitality.



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