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Self- care Yoni Box

Self- care Yoni Box

The perfect gift 🎁 for your feminine care! This yoni box comes with our sweet yoni tea, signature yoni oil, goddess yoni soap, and pussy pomade. As a BONUS GIFT enjoy our relaxing detoxing mineral bath salts and heart shaped tea steeper.


Product description:


Yoni tea: An organic botanical blend of sensual herbs designed to nourish and support the female body while enhancing our feminine desires and sexual pleasures. The sweet fragrance of pineapples, kiwis and rose petals will have your yoni smelling and tasting so sweet!

Herbal aphrodisiacs, will help to increase sex drive and uplift your mood!


Yoni Oil & Goddess Yoni Soap: The yoni is a sacred space.

Some women experience a change in pH balance or skin irritation from store-bought chemically filled soaps. Long-term exposure to artificial fragrances and soap agents can lead to hormonal disruptions.

Organic natural ingredients from Mother Earth, this duo is perfect for any self-care regimen! Bundled together, our yoni soap is made with an anti-microbial blend of botanical herbs that will leave you feel refreshed and renewed down there!

Our yoni oil is the perfect compliment to follow up with after your bath, shower or wax. It supports PH balance, combats yeast and of course, lubricates.


RejuVnate Yoni Stea blend: This blend is formulated for women as a detox blend. Benefits: cleanse, disinfect, hydrate uterine system, regulate the cycle, nourish, ease cramping and relax tension. (4 steams included)


Pussy pomade: Made to lubricate your most sensitive lips! 👄 a blend of mucilage botanicals used help relieve drying and friction. 1 oz

Take a small amount and rub on the labia to help lubricate and stimulate the bartholin glands.

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