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Herbalist certification Course

Herbalist certification Course

35 lessons program that is self-paced for your convenience. Log in at any time! We cover 7 different body systems in the course. We will learn how to perform 14 different herbal applications, how to properly formulate an herbal blend, herbal energetics, dosing, and more!


The course is packed with downloadable pdf's, valuable study content, step-by-step how-to videos, recorded lectures, and herbal recipes! Replays of live sessions at the end of each weeks' module.


Highlighted in this course-

-History of indigenous herbalist and their contribution to the field.


-Spiritual herbalism


-Herb foraging, wild crafting and brief overview of botany and plant structure.


After completing this course you will know:


How to properly formulate herbal concoctions; teas, salves, tinctures, salves, oxymels, electuaries, compress, inhalations, herbal capsules, decoctions, infusions, syrups and suppositories.


Payment plan also available here through sezzle!

Once course is paid. You will receive an email for access to teachable platform.


Herbal Kit & Materia Medica Journal included.

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