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Herbal vaginal steam blend (Single steam) 1/2 ounce

Herbal vaginal steam blend (Single steam) 1/2 ounce

100% Organic herbs used to formulate this blend. Chose your blend.


RejuVnate- This blend is formulated for all women as a detox blend. Benefits: cleanse, disinfect, hydrate uterine system, regulate cycle, nourish, ease cramping and relax tension.

Beyond 28- This blend is formulated for women whose cycles are more than 28 days apart, irregular, scanty or absent. 

Benefits: Promotes regulation in hormones, regulates cycle, decreases heavy cramping and bleeding, cleanses and hydrates the uterine system, increases lubrication and combats stress. 


Uterine fatigue- This blend is formulated for women whose cycles are less than 28 days apart, inability to complete a full cycle, bleeding/spotting in between periods, cramping and fatigue. 

Benefits: Regulates cycles, nourish and strengthen uterus, promotes body to replenish new healthy blood cells, decreases bleeding and spotting, gently cleanses and deodorizes, provides calmness and relaxation. 


Isis Fertility blend- Formulated for women who have difficulty conceiving or looking to conceive. 

Benefits: Provides nutrients to uterus, strengthens uterus, cleanses, increase ovulation window, regulates hormones and cycle, stimulates ovaries, increases cervical fluid, increase libido. 


To an End-  This blend is formulated for women who are entering menopause or struggling with effects of menopause. 

Benefits: Decrease hot flashes, increases vaginal lubrication and libido, eases sweating, cramping, decreases bleeding in between periods, provides nourishment to uterus. 


PCOS blend- Formulated for women suffering from symptoms of PCOS


BV/Yeast- Formulated for women who frequently deal with bacterial and yeast infections.


Wet- Formulated for women who suffer from vaginal dryness and low libido. Benefits: Increase vaginal lubrication, improve libido, cleanse, nourish and tone uterine system.


Fibroid blend- Infused with botanical herbs to help to shrink fibroids by strengthening the liver and metabolizing estrogen, promotes healthy circulation and detoxifies the tissues of the uterus.


Fit for a King- This blend is especially formulated for men to increase libido, increases vitality and energy, promotes prostate health, cleanses and fights bacteria, increases healthy circulation and provides hemorrhoid support.


Disclaimer: Herbal supplements are not FDA approved. Please contact your Medical Physician prior to beginning any herbal regimen. This product is not meant to replace or treat any medical diagnosis or problem. Consumer assumes all risk when using herbal products.


Directions: Add entire packet to at least 4 cups of boiling water and steep. Do not steam if you are pregnant, have an IUD, on your cycle or have any open wounds/sores near yoni area.

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