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Bye-Bye BV Tea & Yoni Steam

Bye-Bye BV Tea & Yoni Steam

Dealing with BV can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing! 

This tea and yoni steam duo is designed to help alleviate symptoms of foul-smelling discharge, vaginal itching, change in pH, and uterine pain associated with urination. 


This botanical blend of antimicrobial herbs like calendula and echinacea helps rid the body of toxins associated with BV, reduce odor, soothe irritation, and restore natural pH balance. 



Directions: Add 1 TBSP of herbs to at least 8 oz of water, steep for 10 min, and consume at least 2 cups per day. May take up to 2 weeks at a time. 


Yoni steaming may be done consecutively until symptoms subside. 


1 oz Tea/Yoni Steam included. 




If you are pregnant, nursing or on any medications or blood thinners speak with your holistic Physician first.

Disclaimer: Herbal supplements are not FDA approved. Please contact your Medical Physician prior to beginning any herbal regimen. This product is not meant to replace or treat any medical diagnosis or problem. Consumer assumes all risk when using herbal products.



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