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You need to relax!

Im writing this post on the third attempt.... both times it auto erased so Im going to take it as a positive that this message really needs to get to you guys! So it's been almost a week of me being back home from vacation and I enjoyed every minute of my time away! No, no no Im not bragging Im simply here to spread the word that You need to relax! You need a break!

Before I left I had these huge bags under my eyes Yesssss BAGSSSSS ( more like luggage) that I honestly contributed to me getting older (Im 34) but to my surprise a quick glimpse in the mirror on my way in my front door from my trip- NO BAGS HERRRREEE HUNNIE WHATTTTTT!!!!! They were gone! what happened????? I got some relaxation. My selfcare was on a high 10 the entire trip! I slept in, I enjoyed good healthy food, I indulged, I visited the beach EVERYDAY! I walked the beach, meditated on the beach, journaled on the beach, drank my tea on the beach. I enjoyed all the adventures we did, I shopped, I lived!!!! I checked out to the "stuff" n checked in to myself. I hadnt had that much fun in a long time. sometimes we can be so overly consumed with life's everyday rigmarole that we forget to slow down n take a break. Enjoy what this thing called life has to offer. I had been operating out of order, I was chronically tired. And I dont say that to condem myself I say that because I too am human, Im guilty of over working myself. But I can tell you one thing! I got it back n full force. And I encourage all of you that need a break to do so. Check out n check in with yourself. The "stuff" will always be there. Relax n take a break! w/love -your favorite herbalist

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