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The dangers of plastic yoni seats!

We've all seen them! These little plastic sitz baths that women are using for at home yoni steaming. Now ladies ( and gents) we all know that yoni steaming is healing. It can help with soooo many things like bacterial infections, uterine cramping, regulates hormones and strengthens the uterus. So using plastic for the purpose of healing just seems like a bit of an oxymoron right? So here's the real deal! the reason why plastic and yoni steaming should never coincide is because when heat is added to plastic toxic chemicals like BPA and antimony (both are known carcinogens) are released from the plastic and goes straight into the water that your vagina will be absorbing. Soooo bottom line, you are not receiving ANY benefit when steaming from plastic seats. If anything you are doing more harm than good. But have no fear! On Her Throne carries stainless steel bowls for at home use that are completely 100% safe for your yoni! Shop our website today!

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