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Self Care, Care of self.

For me, one of the hardest things I've had to learn.If you've ever boarded an airplane you're familiar with the analogy that in the event of an emergency a person must apply their oxygen mask before helping others apply theirs. I think as a woman we are in fact programmed to share a nurturing like spirit and we tend to take care of all those around us and forget to care for ourselves. Especially if you share the title of a wife or mom. Self care. Care of ones self. How do we began to understand the importance of putting ourselves first, taking time to nurture and care for our own bodies and souls.

It wasn't until I got over the false fear that self care was "selfish" or that that meant my family would somehow be lacking in some way. In fact this was the complete opposite. So every Sunday I made it a habit that I would spend time tending to myself. Whether that was time spent running on my treadmill, taking a walk, reading a book, enjoying a yoni steam, a facial or just laying in my bed watching a good movie. This self care habit was actually helping me and those around me! My family wasn't lacking anything! It was actually adding to them. I was happier! I had more patience! And I felt Good about myself. So take the plunge! Say yes to self care!

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