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Birth control is shrinking your ovaries!

Yes this is true. Birth control is known to shrink a woman’s ovaries. But the other day I got to thinking 🤔 about my own journey. When I was about sixteen I had the worst periods! They were irregular, heavy, cramping all of the above. So my mom took me to my pediatrician who offered to put me on birth control. She said it would regulate my cycles and help out with the heavy bleeding I was having. Now we all know this is not true! if you follow me on Instagram you know I rant and rave about what a “withdrawal bleed” is that’s the term of a ”fake period” that you have while taking birthday control. But back to my thought! Why would a “Doctor“ prescribe a child, a teen whose body is still essentially “under developed” birth control that is known to shrink the ovaries????? So let’s just shrink the already under developed ovaries! It’s the most insane thing I ever heard! And these are medical professionals. So what happens to a woman who has been exposed to synthetic body hazards like birth control their whole adult life? Well now I assume she has Fibroids, trouble conceiving, uterine pain and probably cervical cyst or dysplasia. Which all by the way are risk factors to taking birth control. So now that you are armed with this information we can spread the word about the dangers of birth control to your friends, daughters and sisters!

Until next time! With love! Your herbal friend- On Her Throne 👸🏽💕

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