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September Elevate Your Wellness Challenge

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Day 4 Wellness Challenge: Plan a self-care evening: You work too hard! Today is Labor Day and although we shouldn’t have 1 day out of the year to recognize all the hard work we put in but this should be acknowledged often! In a world of constant ridicule that we don’t have enough…. Or were not doing enough…. We’ve got to be our own biggest supporter & advocate! Remind ourselves that we don’t and won’t live up to expectations of society. If anyone hasn’t told you lately, I’m proud of you! I see you! And you are doing plenty!

Enjoy your self care night by taking a soothing bath infused with herbs, plants, flowers, oils and enjoy a calming herbal tea.

Here are some of my favorite 😍

Damiana- A relaxing aromatic nervine that helps relieve tension and relax the body.

Rosemary- Aromatic herb that helps invigorate the skin and & increase circulation.

Tulsi- promotes happiness,  peace & protection.

Rose petals- Helps to sooth skin, relieve physical & emotional stress.

Oils to use: Jojoba, almond, coconut oil, essential oils.

Others to add: Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, clay, coconut milk, spirulina, slices of cucumber, fresh flowers, clay.

Add your desired ingredients to a bowl and mix well. Add 1/3-1/2 cup to muslin bag, add to warm bath water. Fresh flowers may be added directly to bath water. Be sure to remove to prevent clogging after bath.

Herbal teas to enjoy during your bath

Yoni Tea 🍵

Multi- womban tea

Stress free me tea

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