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September Elevate Your Wellness Challenge

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Root Chakra smoothie!

Half of mini watermelon

2 Fuji apples

2 cups of strawberries

Unbalanced root chakra can show up as feeling empty and disconnected from yourself and everyone.

Self neglect, ungrounded, fatigue, disorganized, lazy.

Herbs that help to balance the root chakra: Cloves, burdock root, dandelion, turmeric.

A huge foundation of this wellness journey is showing up for yourself to do the work! Let's work on getting in alignment and reminding ourselves who we are at the foundation of our beings! We are made in God's image! And we can do anything we put our minds to! A healthy mindset is needed on this Journey!

Here's a journal prompt!

Finish this statement " I build my life upon the foundation of __________"

Describe all the positive feelings and beliefs that create the foundation for which you build your life upon.



Hey Tribe welcome to September’s Wellness Elevation Challeng...


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