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Meet Your Herbalist

In order to heal, you must go back to where it first began. 

-Your favorite herbalist

My name is Regina, I am a Master Herbalist and Holistic Nurse. I created this brand because I felt the calling to share my knowledge of holistic medicine and wanted to help others feel empowered along their healing

journey.  I was introduced to herbal healing as a young child, My mother was a self taught herbalist.  After my own womb healing battle; suffering from years of  heavy bleeding, severe cramping, without any definitive conclusion or diagnosis to my month-to-month debilitating cycles I decided enough was enough. I went on my own healing journey of rediscovering the ways of my ancestors, what had been introduced to me as a child. I began shifting all of my focus inward  I decided to reach back to my roots and start where it first began. Herbal medicine. I tapped fully into my feminine power, began to use the herbs and healed myself. I enrolled into a Herbalist Certification program and gained  the self confidence to help educate others of holistic healing and the importance of connecting to their womb. 

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